Conditions Treated


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+ Treatments for Bunions

Big Toe Joint Arthritis

This condition is very common and often results in limited motion, swelling and pain around the great toe joint.

+ Treatments for Big Toe Joint Arthritis

Flat Foot

Flat feet can be very painful and is associated with joint and muscle pain in the foot, ankle and legs.

+ Treatments for Flat Foot


The most important element to successful treatment of neuroma/ bursal complex is accurate diagnosis.

+ Treatments for Neuroma


Abnormal bending puts pressure on the toe when wearing shoes, causing problems such as corns and calluses.

+ Treatments for Hammertoes

Ingrown Nails

If you have an ingrown nail you may experience red and swelling around the skin, pain at the ingrown site.

+ Treatments for Ingrown Nails

Ankle Fracture

In most circumstances the injury is isolated to the fibula or outside aspect of the ankle joint.

+ Treatments for Foot and ankle injury

Foot arthritis

Ankle / midfoot arthritis can be described as pain with motion to a joint resulting from loss or damage to the joint surface.

+ Treatments for Foot arthritis

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is a painful condition more common in adult males which involves chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon

+ Treatments for Achilles Tendinitis

Ankle Impingement

Ankle Impingement is described as pain associated with limited ankle joint range of motion.

+ Treatments for Ankle Impingement


Bunionettes, also known as Tailor’s Bunions, affect the outside of the forefoot (the 5th toe joint).

+ Treatments for Bunionettes

Ganglionic Cysts

Ganglionic Cysts are fluid filled bumps which can develop adjacent to joints and tendons.

+ Treatments for Ganglionic Cysts

Peroneal Tendinitis

Peroneal Tendonitis is acute or chronic inflammation involving the tendons located on the outside of the ankle joint.

+ Treatments for Peroneal Tendinitis

Ankle Instability

Lateral Ankle Instability is generally described as frequent episodes of the ankle joint ‘giving way’

+ Treatments for Ankle Instability

Turf Toe

Turf-Toe is a high energy injury of the big toe joint when ligaments, tendons and soft tissues in the joint stretch or tear.

+ Treatments for Turf Toe