Ankle Fracture


Ankle Fractures (or broken ankles) can occur in a variety of ways. In most circumstances the injury is isolated to the fibula or outside aspect of the ankle joint. 

Fractures are usually the result of a high energy injury and involve broken bone and sometimes damaged ligaments as well.

Symptoms (can vary)

  • Inability to put weight on the injured foot / ankle.
  • Pain with motion of the ankle joint.
  • Bruising and significant swelling.
  • Limited ankle joint motion.
  • Pain with direct pressure to the ankle.


  • Often ankle fractures, or broken ankles, can be treated non-operatively with casting / immobilization and a period of non-weight bearing. However, in more severe cases surgery will be recommended to better align the broken bone(s).
  • The focus of surgical intervention is correction / improvement of the position of the broken (fractured) bone(s).
  • In cases where ligament is also damaged, there are a variety of options to also restore stability.
  • The best procedure for one person is not necessarily the best for another. There are many variables we will consider when selecting the right management for you.


Together we can explore your treatment options.

Fractures will generally require medical / surgical intervention. 

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