Ankle Impingement


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Ankle Impingement is described as pain associated with limited ankle joint range of motion. The impingement can affect the front of the ankle, the back of the ankle, and in some circumstances can affect the entire ankle. This pain is typically activity related and can be a result of excessive bone or inflammatory tissue restricting motion.

Symptoms (can vary)

  • Hesitation to take the ankle through full motion secondary to pain.
  • Pain while ascending or descending stairs.
  • Inflammation or ankle swelling that comes and goes with activity.
  • Limited ankle joint range of motion.
  • Pain with tight shoe wear or direct pressure to the front or back of the ankle.


  • Often symptoms can be controlled non-operatively with activity modification and bracing. However, when these options do not afford relief surgical options will be considered.
  • The focus of surgical correction is removing any bone / tissue restricting motion.
  • Arthroscopy (or scope assisted surgery) is a minimally invasive way to restore motion and allow for a speedy recovery.
  • The best procedure for one person is not necessarily the best for another. There are many variables we will consider when selecting the right management for you.


Together we can explore your treatment options.

Ankle Impingement will generally require medical / surgical intervention. 

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