Flat Foot

Pes Planus 


Not all Flat feet are the same.  

Sometimes flat feet will cause life long problems with foot, anke and lower limb pain and disability. If you are adjusting your lifestyle to be able to manage pain and deformtiy of this type you should consider a specialist consultation at FASA today.


  • Flat feet associated with joint / muscle pain in the foot, ankle, and legs.
  • Shoe fit and or cosmetic issues.
  • Depend on foot orthotics.


  • When measures such as foot orthotics, exercise, and strapping are not helping you, it is worth discussing the various procedural options that FASA can offer you.
  • Flat foot surgery has evolved significantly at FASA we are experienced in all flat foot surgical options.

Did you know ?

FASA specialists were the first podiatric surgeons in Australia to be trained in minimally invasive techniques for flat foot surgery and over the past 15 years this minimally invasive technique has been developed and improved by FASA.

At FASA we are able to provide our patients with evidence based advise for flat feet procedures to alleviate the effects of misaligned feet, restoring foot posture, arch support and eliminating or greatly reducing pain.



An Australian First.

Mark Gilheany was the first Australian Surgeon to use the HyProCure stent for flexible flat foot over 10 years ago ! Since then he has refined the procedure and now teaches his techniques and modifications to other surgeons and trainees.

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