Foot / Ankle Arthritis


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Ankle / midfoot arthritis can be described as pain with motion to a joint resulting from loss or damage to the joint surface (cartilage). Arthritis commonly develops from general wear and tear, but can often occur after experiencing a high energy injury or trauma. Other forms of arthritis can occur as a result of a wide range of genetic conditions or arthropathies.

Symptoms (can vary)

  • Pain with motion of the affected joint, often activity-dependent.
  • Inflammation / swelling around the joint that comes and goes.
  • Reproducible clicking or popping of the joint with motion.
  • Reduced range of motion of the affected joint.


  • There are a variety of both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options to address symptomatic arthritis of the ankle or midfoot. Not every arthritis joint needs to be addressed surgically, and symptoms can often be controlled with appropriate bracing, inserts, and activity modification.
  • The primary goal of surgery to treat arthritis of the ankle and midfoot is to reduce the pain associated with motion throughout that area of the foot / ankle. Often times the joint can be ‘re-surfaced’, but in severe cases fusion of the joint may be recommended.
  • The best treatment for one person is not necessarily the best for another. There are many variables we will consider when selecting the right management for you


Together we can explore your treatment options.

Chronic Arthritis will generally require medical / surgical intervention. 

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