There are many varients including: Claw toe, Mallet toe


Do you experience recurring corns or painful toes due to rubbing from footwear.

Unsightly toes can also be very painful, sometimes resulting in pressure sores that can ulcerate. 


  • Bent twisted or prominent toes.
  • Painful bumps on toes.
  • Shoe fit and cosmetic issues.
  • Painful pressure areas in between toes or on top of toes.
  • Blistering.
  • Corn development. 


  • At FASA we treat these conditions surgically.
  • Often this can be an office based procedure with immediate return to walking. 
  • Where indicated Minimally invasive or key hole toe surgery is performed under local anesthetic. 


Where routine podiatry care is no longer the answer for you talk to us at FASA.

Mark Gilheany has developed and published an anatomical description of hammertoe variances which is used to guide procedural choice. 

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