Peroneal Tendinitis


Peroneal Tendonitis is acute or chronic inflammation involving the tendons located on the outside of the ankle joint. The peroneal tendons work to provide balance to the rearfoot / ankle and can become injured / inflamed after overuse, often on uneven ground. This injury is more common in people with s higher arch foot type.

Symptoms (can vary)

  • Pain with side to side motion of the rearfoot / heel.
  • Inflammation / swelling around the outside of the ankle that comes and goes with activity.
  • Pain with direct pressure to the outside of ankle joint.
  • Reduced side to side range of motion of the rearfoot / heel.


  • There are a variety of both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options to address chronic peroneal tendinitis. This injury does not always need to be addressed surgically, and symptoms can often be controlled with appropriate bracing, inserts, and activity modification.
  • The primary goal of surgery to treat peroneal tendinitis is to remove inflammatory tissue and repair any tearing of the tendon(s) and it’s adjacent ligaments.
  • The best treatment for one person is not necessarily the best for another. There are many variables we will consider when selecting the right management for you.



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Together we can explore your treatment options.

Peroneal Tendinitis will generally require medical / surgical intervention. 

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