Turf-Toe is a high-energy injury of the big toe joint when ligaments, tendons and soft tissues in the joint stretch or tear. This is a common injury among rugby players, football players, and athletes who sprint or jump. Sometimes a turf toe injury can be accompanied by a fracture or broken bone in the forefoot.

Symptoms (can vary)

  • Bruising / swelling of the great toe joint
  • Pain with motion of the great toe.
  • Inability to tolerate running or standing on one’s ‘tip-toes’.
  • Pain with direct pressure to the ball of the foot.


  • Often times symptoms can be controlled with rigid shoe wear modification, strapping, and padding. However, when these fail to provide lasting relief surgery can be indicated.
  • The primary goal of turf-toe surgery is to repair any torn ligaments / tendons and often times address any broken bones in the forefoot.
  • The best procedure for one person is not necessarily the best for another. There are many variables we will consider when selecting the right management for you.



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Together we can explore your treatment options.

Turf-toe will generally require medical / surgical intervention. 

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