Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS)

Key Hole Foot Surgery


Minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery was first developed by Podiatric surgeons in the USA in the 1980's. 

High rates of complications stalled the development of these techniques. Vast improvements in technique and understanding of how to avoid complications has resulted in a resurgance of these techniques.  


  • Minimal Incision surgery (MIS) can be defined as the performance of procedures through the smallest possible working incision without direct visualisation of deeper structures.
  • At FASA we use these technique where appropriate.
  • Mark Gilheany was the first surgeon in Australia to be certified as a MIS surgeon by American foot and and Ankle
  • Mark intergrates the concepts into his surgical practise and has developed the techniques, teaches these and has researched outcomes also publishing results of his research in journals contributed to book chapters on the subject. 

Be Cautious

  • MIS foot surgery is indicated and proven for some conditions however it is not superior to traditional techniques in all cases (e.g. talk to us about why it should be avoided as a technique for bunion surgery).
  • MIS "hype" can be misleading for example it does not result in faster healing.  
  • Before proceeding with MIS surgery we suggest consulting with FASA for an expert opinion. 





FASA leads in the integration of MIS / Keyhole foot surgey

Get the facts on MIS not the HYPE. Talk to us at FASA. 

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