Mark Gilheany


Associate professor Mark Gilheany is a highly-experienced foot and ankle surgeon.

After establishing a successful general practice in all aspects of podiatric medicine he completed his surgical fellowship with the ACPS in 1994. During and post training he undertook  rotations in the USA within CPME accredited units.

He has completed courses in trauma and arthroscopy with the AO foundation, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He has Fellowships from the USA and the UK in addition to his primary qualification for specialist registration in Australia as a podiatric surgeon. Mark also has a Masters degree in surgical education from Melbourne university.

He has been primarily in private practice in Melbourne since 1994 with a strong focus on function and a patient centered approach to surgical and non-surgical management of patients.

Throughout his career he has been involved in academic teaching and curriculum development in both undergraduate and post graduate podiatric medical education. Mark has an extensive publication history and is an active researchers and supervisor of postgraduates. His research history includes work in health policy, hallux valgus and rigidus and flat foot management.

He is a leader in the field.  Many of Australia’s podiatric surgeons have been the beneficiaries of his ongoing commitment to training and research. Mark has pioneered multiple foot and ankle procedures that have been included in textbooks and peer reviewed publications.

Mark was the first foot and ankle specialist in Australia to be certified in minimally invasive surgical techniques (MIS). He uses MIS as both a standalone approach for a range of foot ankle pathology and incorporated with traditional open procedures. He has lectured on and taught these techniques over the past 10 years.

Beyond his own clinical practice and role in education Mark established and was a driving force behind the establishment of ACPS foot and ankle medical / surgical mission to Vietnam during the 1990’s. An initiative which grew into a range of related aid missions throughout South East Asia.

As an office holder and ultimately president of the ACPS he was directly involved in facilitating and driving reforms to health policy which included federal and state recognition of podiatry and podiatric surgeons across a range of policy and legislative areas.

He has also served on several health-related government regulatory and accreditation boards over a 25-year period.

Mark is the recipient of several professional awards.


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