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FASA Specialists are drivers in evidence based surgical and non-surgical interventions.

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Our three core values are knowledge, respect and integrity.

We combine our values to strive for the best patient outcomes obtainable.

We provide patients with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Our plans utilise a network of practitioners, surgeons, podiatrists, physiotherapist and nutritionists.


FASA is proud to offer consultations at multiple convenient locations across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.


Conditions Treated


Our surgeons are globally recognised and experienced in bunion surgery

+ Treatments for Bunions

Big Toe Joint Arthritis

This condition is very common and often results in limited motion, swelling and pain around the great toe joint.

+ Treatments for Big Toe Joint Arthritis

Flat Foot

Flat feet can be very painful and is associated with joint and muscle pain in the foot, ankle and legs.

+ Treatments for Flat Foot


The most important element to successful treatment of neuroma/ bursal complex is accurate diagnosis.

+ Treatments for Neuroma


Abnormal bending puts pressure on the toe when wearing shoes, causing problems such as corns and calluses.

+ Treatments for Hammertoes

Ingrown Nails

If you have an ingrown nail you may experience red and swelling around the skin, pain at the ingrown site.

+ Treatments for Ingrown Nails

Introducing MLS laser therapy for the foot and ankle

Laser therapy can treat may conditions and uses specific light waves to accelerate the natural healing processnes.

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